March 1, 2024

In a groundbreaking move, Space Engineers has now landed on Xbox Game Pass, opening up a universe of possibilities for players eager to delve into the cosmos.

With over 5 million copies sold worldwide, Space Engineers beckons players into a sandbox realm of engineering, construction, exploration, and survival amidst the vastness of space and planetary surfaces. Crafting spaceships, wheeled vehicles, and sprawling space stations, adventurers traverse the cosmos, gathering resources and pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Dive into the immersive world of Space Engineers alongside a thriving community, boasting the fourth largest Workshop on Steam, brimming with over 500K mods, ships, stations, and more, waiting to be discovered and utilized.

Crossplay capabilities further enhance the experience, allowing Game Pass users to seamlessly team up with friends across Steam and PlayStation platforms, ensuring no cosmic adventure is undertaken alone.

The introduction of dedicated servers through Epic Online Services (EOS) facilitates shared experiences among PlayStation and PC players, with plans to expand server capacity to accommodate increased demand. Players also have the option to set up private servers via the Nitrado service, tailoring their gameplay experience to their preferences.

Modding enthusiasts will find a haven in Space Engineers, with mod support available via, enabling the sharing of creations between Xbox, PC, and PlayStation platforms. While some restrictions apply, players can browse and subscribe to mods and blueprints directly within the game.

For those embarking on their journey into the stars, comprehensive Game Guides provide invaluable tips and strategies for mastering the intricacies of Space Engineers’ gameplay.

Join the thriving Space Engineers community across various platforms, from the official Discord server to the support portal, community hub, and connect page, fostering connections and collaboration among fellow spacefarers.

As Space Engineers celebrates its 10th anniversary, the journey has been one of evolution and innovation. Delving into the game’s archives, developers unearthed early versions predating Steam’s beta tab, overcoming technical hurdles and reviving iconic moments from the game’s history. Through meticulous efforts, access to every iteration of Space Engineers was secured, laying the groundwork for future endeavors and technological advancements.

With Space Engineers now within reach on Xbox Game Pass, a universe of endless possibilities awaits, inviting players to unleash their creativity and embark on unforgettable adventures among the stars.