About GameWire

GameWire(TM) is a press release and asset distribution service for game developers and publishers interested in getting their news into the hands of influencers. With the number of influencers growing rapidly, access to the media, bloggers, streamers, content creators and opinion leaders has never been so important. GameWire offers access to the community you want to reach with your game news and information. News is distributed to refined lists from 800-3,000 contacts based on media outlet coverage and specific editorial interest. Some of the offerings include:

GameIndustryWire(TM) – Game Industry and Development News

GameWire(TM) – General Game News

MobileGameWire(TM) – iOS and Android Game News

MMOGameWire(TM) – MMO Game News

PCGameWire(TM) – PC Game News

Pricing is $500 per release distributed over the service and you can contact an account executive to setup an account.