Hong Kong – June 29, 2022 – You just arrived in Eden, and not only do you find there’s no one in charge after all, but the ground opens. It’s no allegory. This is what happened to the gallant band of survivors at the end of the prologue season in Last Fortress: Underground, the fresh spin on survival simulators from developer Life Is A Game, and Contaminated Land, the first season, picks up right where it left off.

At the end of the prologue season, the rift drops your survivors into a strange new world wracked by pollution and riddled with ferocious zombies intent on eradicating all living things that cross their paths.

Where you had the remains of an ancient fortress as a foundation to work with in the prologue season, no such luxury exists this time. In the first season, the survivors must join forces with the Alliance to make the most of what was left from the previous season and face yet another daunting challenge.

Explore the dangerous new lands for resources to build and expand your settlement, and gradually draw in other survivors as your new community begins to take root. 

The more survivors you convince to join you, the more essential materials you can produce. Manage your followers and resources well, and you may just be able to push back the darkness gnawing at the land and even put an end to the zombie threat – for a little while, at least.


  • Explore and expand – Push forward onto the frontiers of this blighted land and bring back the materials you need to help your burgeoning community thrive
  • Immerse yourself – Experience a rich narrative that unfolds as you reach key milestones in your endeavors
  • Never go alone – Team up with other players online to build and battle more efficiently
  • Order and method – Keep on top of what everyone is doing at all times with Last Fortress’ cross-sectional views and intuitive layout 

Last Fortress: Underground is available now from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, and you can keep up with the latest developments on Last Fortress’ official Facebook page.